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Columbia, IL (January 14, 2020): CPSI is pleased to announce their selection as vendor partner to assist the Maine Department of Education (MDOE) and Office of Information Technology (OIT) with loading data for federal reporting of education data to the US DOE. The contract was finalized on September 26, 2019.

The Maine Department of Education (MDOE) is required to report data to the US Department of Education (US DOE) on an annual basis. The US DOE has provided the Maine Department of Education with a data system that will help generate validated, federally mandated data files in the required format (CEDS Generate). This data submission process is made up of over 100 individual files that must be in the US DOE defined format. The CEDS Generate database and system are highly specialized and there are very few vendors that support them currently. 

The system provided by CPSI allows MDOE to quickly and easily load data into CEDS Generate without needing highly technical resources. CPSI’s products are used in other states and are designed to work directly with the CEDS/Generate system.  Ultimately, this product set allows MDOE staff to do work that would have required OIT resources previously.  MDOE and OIT will work with CPSI to implement the new system that will automatically create the data transfers.  Without the CPSI software, OIT staff would have had to manually create the data transfers to Generate using a more complex system. 

The following CPSI products will be used to assist the MDOE in the implementation of their project:

  • xDStore ODS (Operational Data Store)
  • xDStore TDS (Transactional Data Store and Data Mart Builder)
  • xDStore CEDS (Fully automated REST-based ODS for CEDS/Generate)
  • xDValidator (Data validation and Error Reporting Engine)
  • xDComposer (Data Mapping Toolset for move data into the CEDS format)
  • xDBroker (Data Routing and APIs)

About CPSI, Ltd: CPSI was founded in 1990 with a charter to service the K-12 education industry. CPSI is a leader in data integration for education agencies, managing data for over four million students and staff. Their mission is to develop and implement integration solutions that are sustainable, highly extensible, well tested, flexible, and dynamic. CPSI constantly develops new and innovative technologies and solutions that meet the ever-expanding needs of school districts and state education agencies. To learn more, visit

About Maine Department of Education: The Maine DOE is an agency of the State of Maine that administers both state education subsidy and state and federal grant programs; coordinates the authoring of the rules for Maine State education statutes passed by the Maine State Legislature; provides professional development, information, supports and resources, as well as a system for educator credentialing; and leads many collaborative opportunities and partnerships in support of local schools and districts.

To download this article as a PDF, click here.

If you would like to learn more about CPSI, please visit our website  You can also call us at 800-659-8240 or e-mail us at [email protected].

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