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Columbia, IL (January 14, 2020): On November 12, 2019, it was announced that CPSI, Ltd. was chosen as the vendor for the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) Data Management System. NMPED chose CPSI’s COTS solution to support data communication, transformation, validation, matching, loading, and the MNPED required data certification processes. The goal of the new system is to facilitate the integration of all the independent student information systems at every school district and charter school in New Mexico with a centralized data information system, data store, and longitudinal data warehouse. The COTS solution being provided by CPSI has the ability for customization, modification, configuration, tuning, and enhancement simply by using the highly flexible toolsets. CPSI’s contract with NMPED includes the installation, design, configuration, and fine tuning of the solution to meet the needs of the agency. 

CPSI provides the most robust, flexible, and configurable COTS solution on the market today for educational organizations. Our solution includes an automated data management solution that is optimized for State Departments of Education and school districts. The NMPED staff will be trained to administer, configure, support, and expand the implementation to meet the needs of the data integration and management processes within the New Mexico public education environment.

The first phase of NMPED’s data management project aims at automating data collections from all of the districts and charter schools in the state, it also includes a new unique ID system that will be used for PED and other agencies within the state. 

To accomplish the needs of the NMPED, CPSI is providing the following software tools:

  • xDStore (Data Collection Point and ODS)
  • xDStore CEDS/Generate (Fully automated REST-based ODS for CEDS/Generate)
  • xDValidator (Data Validation Engine and Error Reporting Engine
  • xDUID (Unique ID generator, Resolution, and Maintenance)
  • xDComposer (Data Mapping Toolset; Data mover to the CEDS Format)
  • xdAD (Identity and Active Directory Management)
  • OneUser SSO (Single Sign-On and Data Privacy Toolset)
  • xDZIS/xDBroker (Data Routing and APIs)

In addition to software tools, CPSI will provide the following services:

  • Attach all New Mexico School Districts to the Centralized ODS
  • Build out the NMPED Specific Data Validation Rules
  • Implement the following portals for LEAs:
    • Data Certification
    • Error and Validation Reports
    • Unique ID Resolution and Maintenance
  • Provide training for New Mexico staff.

About CPSI, Ltd.

CPSI was founded in 1989 with a charter to service the K-12 education industry. CPSI is a leader in data integration for education institutions, managing data for over four million students and staff. Their mission is to develop and implement integration solutions that are sustainable, highly extensible, well tested, flexible, and dynamic. CPSI constantly develops new and innovative technologies and solutions that meet the ever-expanding needs of school districts and state education agencies. To learn more, visit

About New Mexico Public Education Department

The New Mexico Public Education Department partners with educators, communities, and families to ensure that ALL students are healthy, secure in their identity, and holistically prepared for college, career, and life.

To download a copy of this press release, click here.

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