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Monthly Archives September 2023

Data Integration and Transformation Terminology – Navigating Data Language Diving deeper into the world of data management, this installment of our Navigating Data Language series delves into Data Integration and Transformation Terminology. These concepts form the backbone of most data-driven operations, ensuring that diverse datasets are not only cohesive but also adapted and optimized for […]

Data Interoperability Terminology – Navigating Data Language As data continues to expand across disparate systems and organizations, being able to exchange and understand information between different environments is imperative. This critical capability is known as data interoperability. In this edition of our Navigating Data Language series, we’ll explore some key standards, protocols, and technologies that […]

Data Fundamentals Terms – Essential Definitions for Data In the last article, we explored some fundamental terminology like data types, structures, and storage. Next we will build on that foundation by defining key concepts for organizing and representing data: sources, entities, objects, elements, and domains. Data Source A data source is the initial point from […]

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