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Columbia, IL (January 10, 2018): On January 10, 2018, it was announced that CPSI, Ltd. was chosen as the vendor for the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) ID System and Directory Manager. WDE chose CPSI to implement the solution statewide.

The Solution from CPSI includes xdAD and xDUID and leverages the current SIF implementation at the State.  CPSI’s solution is based on best practices and standards for easy integration with third party applications.  

CPSI will use xDUID and xdAD to manage users’ digital identities, credentials, and groupings throughout the lifecycle of the users’ membership in the Wyoming public education system.  It provides for identity synchronization, user password resets, and user provisioning from a single interface.  xdAD and xDUID provide WDE with a highly unified system that is fully functional in a state-wide environment.  The solution is easy to use, and gives WDE a system that is practical for both large and small districts, as well as those that do not have a highly technical staff.  In addition to the students and staff, the system will also be used to manage the 13 accredited institutional schools, the early childhood programs, one Bureau of Indian Education school, and the Higher Education institutions in the State.  

It is expected that the implementation will take under a year to deploy with all 48 school districts, 10 higher education institutions, and the other schools in the State.

About CPSI, Ltd: CPSI was founded in 1989 with a charter to service the K-12 education industry. CPSI is a leader in data integration for education institutions, managing data for over four million students and staff. Their mission is to develop and implement integration solutions that are sustainable, highly extensible, well tested, flexible, and dynamic. CPSI constantly develops new and innovative technologies and solutions that meet the ever-expanding needs of school districts and state education agencies. To learn more, visit

About Wyoming Department of Education: The Wyoming Department of Education’s mission is to create opportunities for students to keep Wyoming strong and to significantly increase the percentage of Wyoming Students that are College, Career, and Military Ready.

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