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CPSI has launched a dramatically redesigned website (Visit us at that helps customers and visitors to find what they’re looking for with greater ease. The redesigned site is the result of extensive feedback and market research.

“CPSI has new products and we wanted a better way to show off our solutions. We needed to show our data management capabilities so that visitors – no matter who they might be – could find what they needed simply, without missteps or confusion,” stated Arianna Bauer, product manager and lead designer of the web site.

The site’s refreshed and simplified look, combined with enhanced content, and optimization for mobile devices allows visitors to better interact with CPSI online. Website visitors can quickly zero in on products that meet their needs by providing improved navigation, better organization of content, and uses current web technologies. Enhancements to the web site include:

  • Clean, fresh look with easy-to-navigate layout
  • Streamlined solution and service offerings
  • Expansion of our Partner program
  • A new Customer Help Desk
  • Showcase of new product offerings

In addition, the site has been updated to feature our newer product offerings that embrace the integration of RESTFul API data, EdFi, SIF 3 and CEDS. These include xDREST, xDListener and the xDBroker. In addition our data collection and validation tools have evolved to the most powerful educational data management tools available that can use any schema. Our highly flexible xdAD Active Directory management tool is totally re-written from our previous versions that have been our flagship since 1989.

The redesigned website will continue to evolve over the coming months, creating an even more seamless user experience for our visitors, customers and partners.

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