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It is National Teachers Appreciation Week this week, a much-needed week for the people in charge of educating our future leaders and our priceless children.  At CPSI, we have been involved exclusively with K-12 since our inception over 25 years ago.  That is saying a lot for a technology company!  In the early days, there was IBM, Apple, AT&T, and CPSI bidding on school district projects.  Most of the technology people then did double duty – classroom teacher and technology leader.  It was tough!  I remember some of the ways that the technology person was chosen then.  The superintendent wouldn’t ask the teachers with young children because the job kept the teacher after hours.  The superintendent would also not ask teachers with under 3 years experience – they were already very  busy!  That would leave a small number of teachers that would be asked to “volunteer” for the extra work.  Sometimes, it was the kindergarten teacher.  Sometimes, it was a coach.  In any case, these teachers took up the charge and made everything work!

I respect teachers, I admire then, and I thank them for all they do.  I used to wonder how a kindergarten teacher takes an unruly child who does not even know letters, molds them into a student, teaches them their letters, teachers them how to read, teaches them about math, and so much more.  Then on to first grade, where the child has to do so much more learning.  And so it goes through the years.  It is a tough job, and one that not everyone can do.  Imagine 30 young children surrounding you, asking you questions, wiping their noses on your clothing – counting on you, relying on you, and trusting you to take care of them, keep them safe, and teach them all at the same time – it is not for the faint of heart!

So to all the teachers out there – we at CPSI salute you!  May you have a great couple of weeks left at school and thoroughly enjoy your summer!

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