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Want to know a little more about xdAD?  Here are 10 reasons why xdAD is the Identity Management solution you need.

1. xdAD was built just for school districts from day one.

xdAD is the latest in our line of Identity Management products and replaces Visual CASEL.  Built for school districts with the input and feedback from hundreds of school district IT people, teachers, and other staff – xdAD is the Identity Management solution you need.  The road to xdAD started with Visual CASEL, which was rolled out to clients in 1990.  Since then, we have been honing our skills and have the experience in school district network management you need.  While xdAD has built on the the foundation of the education world, most other systems have built for business and then move into education as an afterthought.  At CPSI, we understand your needs.

2. xdAD is designed to be easy to setup and maintain.

We know the school districts have limited staff and very little time.  That is why xdAD is easy to setup and maintain.  Using data from student information and HR systems, you can fully automate your user accounts in real-time – no scripts or programming required.  We understand that your time is critical, so spend your time doing other tasks instead of micro-managing Active Directory.

3. xdAD integrates with Google Apps and Office 365.

xdAD easily integrates with Google Apps and Office 365 out-of-box.  As part of our standard automation features, it is included in the cost of our licensing.

4. Automatically enforce and collect Acceptable Use Policies for students and staff.

xdAD manages the Acceptable Use Policy process for you so that each network user signs the AUP prior to accessing the district’s network.  xdAD provides full auditing so that districts can track the AUP signatures easily.  CPSI’s Visual CASEL was the first network management system on the market to provide AUP’s.

5. Let everyone reset their own passwords via a safe and secure web interface.

xdAD provides users with a safe and secure web interface to reset their own passwords.  Teachers waste precious classroom time with students cannot login due to forgotten passwords.  The xdAD password reset process saves time for the district IT staff and reduces the anxiety of the teachers trying to get their students logged in.  We provide this password reset process at no additional cost.

6. Manage by exception easily.

xdAD provides district IT staff with an easy-to-use interface to manage users by exception quickly.  There are always exceptions to the rules and users that have special privileges based on their job position.  Administrators may also need particular access outside of their job code position or teachers may have additional duties that fall into a user role that is not included with their automated context.  xdAD is the only education-based identity management tool with these extensive mange-by-exception tools.

7. xdAD is self-healing.

xdAD provides for automated self-healing as well as self-service capabilities.  Accounts automatically self-heal without the need for manually resetting the accounts.  xdAD is unique in this functionality.

8. Manage security and distribution groups automatically.

xdAD manages security and distribution groups automatically using rules created by the district IT staff.  xdAD is one of the few identity managers to offer this capability.  It saves considerable time for the IT staff when adding, modifying, and deleting users.

9. Create, manage, and automate home directories for all users.

xdAD provides the ability to create home directories for users based on student grade, staff location, or other location type.  You set the rules for home directories at your district.  Other identity management applications do not typically deal with home directories.

10. xdAD is the most economical Identity Management application on the market for education.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST – xdAD is the most economical identity and network management application on the market today for educational organizations.  We provide more features for less cost because we have been doing this for over 20 years.

To learn more about CPSI and xdAD, please visit our website.  If you have any questions or need to contact us, you can also call us at 800-659-8240 or email us at [email protected].


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