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    My two teenage nieces were doing laundry for their mother. It was late and they decided to put the clothes in the dryer before going to bed, as they usually did. A little while later they all woke up to their two story apartment filled with smoke and the smoke alarms blasting away. The fire department came and extinguished the blaze as all four family members, and their two cats (okay six family members) watched in horror as their home smoldered.

    If you have one that is a rare find than it can actually be worth a lot of money. Some people will hold onto a card if they think that it will be worth some value years down they road. They will hold onto it and pass it down for generations so that there grandchildren have something of value when they get older.

    According to Wikipedia, the pitch is thought to have originated in the early 1900s. Eddie Cicotte is often credited with inventing the pitch, but some think other knuckleballers came before Cicotte. In any case, the pitch never gained much notoriety until Ted Lyons began to throw it. Lyons pitched a no-hitter in 1926 with help from his knuckler. He won 22 games in 1930 for Chicago’s American League team and finished a 23-year career with 260 wins. He was inducted into the National baseball Hall of Fame in 1955.

    In my spiritual life, I came to wonder, since I was sure that God wanted us to have children, why He had not blessed us with a family. Was I doing something wrong? I prayed for an answer and prayed for a baby.

    We have now even declared an official family game night. Every Saturday night we order some delicious pizza and rent some great family video games online the night before and they are delivered to us like clockwork the next day.

    The Mets were in Los Angeles the next day. Jerry Koosman pitched a magnificent four-hit shut out to win his first major league game. It was an outstanding performance that was the beginning of a 19-win season for Jerry.

    Parents have dreams for their children. And it is good to have dreams.
    Rummel’s Mitchell Sewald Commits To Lsu Baseball is good to plan for those dreams. But do not let those dreams become overbearing, for you or your son. Dreams that are over the top can take over your emotions or his emotions. They can make us react in a way we never thought possible. For that reason, just keep your dreams to yourself. Do not burden your son with even a hint of what you are dreaming.

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